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Rattling sound when idling

timination2012 Aug 17, 2013

  1. timination2012

    timination2012 New Member

    Hi guys, after what is easiest described as drifting round a roundabout (back end slid out in the rain due to my heavy foot), my motor seems to occasionally make a strange loud rattling / ticking sound when idling (i.e at traffic lights in neutral) ... I'm just concerned I may have broke something. Any ideas such as what 'may' have broken, should I take it to a garage etc?

    Just to emphasize, I know drifting is fun but this was completely unintentional lol.

    Also, first post here as I'm an audi-sport.net newbie =)

    The motor I speak of is a 2002 A3 Quattro 1.8T

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  2. Nick101

    Nick101 Boost fiend

    Sounds like the normal sound you get from the charcoal canister area.

    If so, it's normal, nothing to worry about.

    Welcome by the way.
  3. timination2012

    timination2012 New Member

    - Thank you! :D

    My main concern was this sounds awful and wasn't a sound i'd noticed before the drifting incident lol. I'll see how she goes in the morning and hope it goes away.

    I'd like to think the 4WD could handle a little bit of sideways movement once in a while anyway :p

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