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Rattling noise in 2006 A4 engine, goes off when AC is switched on

NAZZY May 23, 2010

  1. NAZZY

    NAZZY New Member


    I really will appreciate some pointers to this problem. When the engine is on idle, there is this rattling noise which goes off either if I am driving or the ac is switched on. Have telephoned Audi dealers and earliest appt is in mid June. Visited 4 local garages and advice ranges from oil and filter change, changing the tension belts, bringing down the engine to locate the noise(booh!), to replacing the ac compressor. Any one ever experienced this? Any pointer will be greatly appreciated.
  2. rowdyboy

    rowdyboy Member

    Does it get worse if you move the steering wheel while the car is stationary?
  3. Marc1

    Marc1 Member

    Sounds like the aircon pulley by the sound of it. Can you get the noise to increase at all under any circumstance? As Rowdyboy says though if it happens more with full lock it may indicate the alternator pulley. Had both with my B6 and these componants are effectively the same across the B6/B7 range IIRC.

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