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Rattlin' TDi..... And also - tuning a turbo diesel

Rich1275cc Jun 9, 2004

  1. Rich1275cc

    Rich1275cc New Member

    Well. I am baffled, my local Audi dealer is baffled. I have a A1 condition A3TDi - 110hp version, facelift model with recently fitted 17 inch Avus Rims. It's a corker and I'm dead chuffed with her - but I have a niggle. At low speeds there is a metalic like rattle coming from the front end when going over poor quality roads (ie:most in Britain - lol). My dealer has changed the bushes and the mounting for the shocks (all under warranty) but to no avail! They are proposing to take the car from me for a week to strip it back - but does anyone have any ideas?

    Also - seriously considering a superchips remap - any stories on these / good or bad? Superchips claim 30 hp and masses more torque but there must be some negatives.... it seems good value at 500 notes all in.

    Will post pictures of my motor once I work out the new digital camera.....

  2. Davidb67

    Davidb67 Member

    Dont know if this is the cause, but my Fiance just bought a mint 17k mile `02 A3 TDi (100bhp) and when she picked it up, it developed a bit of an annoying rattle at idle and very low revs - sub 1750; sounded like some trim/dash vibrating/rubbing.
    anyhow, it went back to the selling audi dealer and they discovered it was the bushes/brackets just under the gearstick gaiter area where teh two gearchange cables sit in channels/guides - they'd come out of here and were rattling/vibrating/rubbing.
    dealer re-seated everything and all is well - fiance is happy (no mean feat!!!).
    Now, all i gotta do is wait til 1st Sept for my own A3 (2.0TDi Sport DSG to finally arrive after long wait (ordered begng. Mar).

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