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Rattles - grrr!

Esox Mark Jun 18, 2009

  1. Esox Mark

    Esox Mark Smoke me a kipper...

    Only had my S3 four months from new and it's developing rattles... not what I expect from an Audi at all. Rattles in both doors, another from under the gear shift knob and a horrendous creaking from the boot that seems be comming from the fibre glass floor vibrating on the metal screw that holds floor pull in place. I've dropped off the car with my nearest Audi dealer to have all that sorted and the only thing that cheered me up was the S5 they have leant me while they fix my car. Mind you, they initially tried to fob me off that there was little wrong with the car and rattles were a result of heat differences, causing plastics and metal to expand and contract. Well. I never knew that! So after a bit of moaning, they have agreed to sort it all out. Oh and I just got a call to say they need to re-allign the bonnet as it's not been put on properly! I'm beginning to wonder if my car has a Renault badge hidden away on it somewhere! Anyone else less than impressed by the (cough) build quality of their A3 (8P)? I'd also be interested if anyone else has had the same problem I have described with the boot floor and a terrible creaking noise every time they lift off or go over a bump.
  2. 10blazin


    mines been fine for me but the guy before me said there was a bit of noise i havent notice it tbh since ive had it lowered i get a little squeek now and again from the back left wheel could just be the bush or sumut i feel for you hope they sort it out id be pissed off to if mine did that to so soon in ...
  3. Igdos

    Igdos Member

    Only issue I have is a creaking arm rest - irritating, maybe Audi will say I must have been leaning on it too much, that's after 9k miles!
  4. Dandle

    Dandle Member

    I had rattles with mine after a couple of months. It went in twice for them as well as other things on its many trips to the dealer. The main area that rattled was the central console from the gearstick back, it drove me potty and they would fix it for it to come back within weeks. If you moved it with your hand it made a noise like it didnt have very good tollerences on the fit. In truth I wasnt very happy with the car at all after all the problems and Audis response to fixing them. Certainly not what I expected of a £30k car, nice design but not as well made as i expected.
  5. Leenx

    Leenx Member

    I have to be honest here and say my S3 is the most rattle free car I've ever driven, and believe me if there were even a slight rattle I'd be talking about it. Although I had a very simillar problem in my old TT 225 some years ago with a creaking noise going over speed bumps etc - can't remember what it's fault was but Audi sorted it out pretty quick. I seem to remember it being a common fault amoungst Audi's - is this right?
  6. Nickl

    Nickl Active Member Team Panther Audi S3 TTRS

    I had a rattle from my glovebox and my centre arm rest, was a month out of warrenty, audi replaced them both for free :) maybe worth a trip to your dealer!
  7. audi_driver

    audi_driver S LINE

    rattles on the dashboard where the plastic strip is.
    rattles on centre console below where the handbrake is.
    door creaks a little when i go up my drive way.
    and my passenger side leaks water through the door sometimes just as it did with my golf mk 4.
  8. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member

    Mines pretty tight tbh - no rattles :S

    The interior build quality on my A3 is awesome

    i cant reallly fault it...
  9. Monsoon

    Monsoon Member

    I've had quite a few things go wrong on my A3 but by far the most frustrating thing about the car over 4 years of ownership has been the sheer number of rattles, creaks, squeaks, buzzes and various other noises. I've sorted most of them but had to really push it at the dealers to get them to take it seriously. But there still remains a whistling noise at speed (air coming through the grille I think), a buzzing noise from the drivers grab handle area, and of course the infamous creaking windows. Yes - agree with the above posts - not what you expect from a premium brand.
  10. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    I Have 2009/58 s3 with 6000 miles and its started creaking in a few places..

    the armrest creaks... drivers window sounds like the glass is gonna fall out when you hit a bump or pot hole...

    i also have some other problems which are starting to worry me... there is a knocking feeling through the steering when turning and going over bumps at the same time... i think this is the steering rack.. i went through three in my cooper s... do you guys think its maybe to do with my driving style?
  11. LDoR

    LDoR likes his V6

    I thought i had a rattle in my drivers door. After a few months i realised it was my fasttag for the mersey tunnel in the little pocker under the light controls. Doh! I have had my drivers head-rest replaced as there was a rattle in that. I've now got what sounds like a rattle in the passenger door window. In all fairness i would blame the roads of liverpool which are more like a tank assault course than a road through the European captial of Culture.

    I think with an Audi as it is so refined you pick up on even the smallest rattle. I hate having anything lose in the car (sun glasses and the like) as the noise of it is so loud.

    Still you would rather the car be faultless.
  12. ADEY

    ADEY Member

    my first A3 - glovebox rattled and creaked
    present A3 - creaking drivers window
    passenger seat belt anchor point creaks when fastened!! (anyone else got that one?)
  13. LDoR

    LDoR likes his V6

    I think with that particular one its a case of the fastner needing some lube between it and the leather. Garage sorted that for me and its not come back since.

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