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rattle when starting from cold

findbar Oct 30, 2006

  1. findbar

    findbar findbar

    I have a 1.8t sport but since i have had the car the engine makes a rattleing noise for a minute or two until it is warmed up im wondering if anyone has any ideas a friend thinks it could be the tappets would this be a major thing to sort out if it is the tappets or is it just a common thing ?
  2. PhilR

    PhilR One Ate Tea

    my mate repaired someones car who had a similar problem, the gauze on the oil pick-up in the sump was clogged restricting the amount of oil it could pick up, (probably through not receiving regular oil changes) this was starving the top end of oil till it warmed up and thinned the oil out making pick-up easier, interestingly the turbo was also broken (shaft bent) perhaps due to restricted oil flow ?

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