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Rattle from os rear...possible broken spring?

Yiddogaz Mar 15, 2013

  1. Yiddogaz

    Yiddogaz Member

    As above really. When driving over rough ground, coming off speed bumps I heard a loud rattle only thing I can think of is a broken spring.

    Seen a few topics on here the range from parcel shelf sun visor to all sorts.

    What's best whipping off the wheel and having a look?

    2.0 tdi 140 2007

    Also would vagcom or vcds tell me if my timing is out, had the belt and pump done when I bought the car and every now and then in stutters when accelerating and sometimes hunts.

    Any help appreciated!

  2. Lincoln S3

    Lincoln S3 New Member

    I had the same issue , and thought the same as you . Car was booked in at Audi that week so I mentioned it to them . Turned out to be a stone nestling in a gap on the base of the suspension.
  3. Yiddogaz

    Yiddogaz Member

    Had a look this morning and all it is (I think), is the plastic protector in front of the wheel like a mud guard is loose.

    Wait for a dry day to sort it out.

    Cheers for the reply
  4. sliced

    sliced Drive safe, stay alive.

    hi mate, take everything out the boot including the spare tyre jack etc, and have a short drive over speed bumps etc to see if its still there.

    Turns out for me my spare wheel was not fixed down properly!

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