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rattle from cold

findbar Jan 23, 2007

  1. findbar

    findbar findbar

    I have had my a4 1.8t sport 1999 (80,000m) about a year since i have had the car there has been a slight rattle from somewhere inside the hood it dosent sound like any grinding and its not getting any worse its only for about a minute when you are taking off starting the car from cold . I took the car to audi in inverness a week or so ago and left it overnight they tried a oil pump test and said the pump was fine and that it was possibly just that it takes a bit of time for the oil to circulate round the engine . Im just curious if its a common thing for the noise to be there or if it could be something else any ideas .
  2. Randomjim

    Randomjim Active Member

    Very common, as they say i think it just takes time for the oil to circulate.
  3. naefeart

    naefeart Bonkers

    I always thought my A4 1.8 qt (45K) sounded rather agricultural, especially for the first few minutes from cold. Although even when warm the engine noise from the 1.8T is not something I could describe as meaty, more rattley :shrug:

    Coming to Audi from a couple of BMW straight sixes, I can say its certainly the most disappointing aspect (or characteristic) of this car. I do however feel slightly better in the knowledge that owners of S3s (I chose the A4 over one of these as it was bigger) complain of similar engine noises.

    Now to my point (theres a point I hear you ask) : the car recently starting making an intermittent loudish ticking noise (same as that heard when cold starting) however this would happen after a run when the engine was warm. The car went in to Audi today and was diagnosed with a dodgy oil pump - great, a warranty job then. To cheer me up the dealership has given me a brand new A4 Avant quat 2.0T - a nice enough motor, dark blue with 18s and only 280mls on the clock, but guess what? It sounds exactly the same as my 2000 A4! Just as rattley :3sadwalk:

    If I decide to stay with Audi for the future, I think im going to V6s or larger. Bring back the old 5-pots, they sounded like proper engines!
  4. InfamousAudi

    InfamousAudi DownShifter

    Same problem here

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