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Random Question

terrymcg Feb 14, 2007

  1. terrymcg

    terrymcg Member

    Been looking at some A4's, and I have noticed some cars have silver knobs on the head units and some have the regular black ones. I am talking about the previous generation head units, not the new double din ones.

    So I would imagine this marked a slight change during model manufacture weeks, so are there any other slight changes to the car. As I know the A3 changed some of the functions in the DIS, ie they started to incorporate a digital speedo in it. Did they ever change the DIS functions on an A4 or any other random changes!?!?

  2. Phil's Barber

    Phil's Barber Top Gear

    Very random here but;
    The A4 changed to clear indicator bulbs recently from the previous orange ones.
    The concert head unit also recently became double din sized.:idea:

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