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Rally Champ Juha Kankkunen in our Gallardo

Quick Nick Mar 12, 2010

  1. Quick Nick

    Quick Nick New Member

    I recently returned from experiencing ice-driving rally school with Juha Kankunnen, who is quite possibly the most insanely awesome bloke (and driver) you could ever wish to meet. When I asked him which were his favourite cars he ran through a list of cars off SEGA Rally that he won his WRC titles in...

    'Oh, well the Escort RS cosworth was a great car, but then who can write off the Celica GT4 or Lancia Delta Integrale...I was lucky I raced the best cars in the world for over 20 years which one me 4 WRC titles..' This guy is the nuts.

    I am the extremely lucky to be able to participate in lots of quite incredible driving experiences, especially over the past year as I have been setting up my driving experience business. This doesnt have that much to do with it but whilst we were there I had to let Kankkunen loose in our Lambo, as he said he hadnt driven one yet and I kind of had to see what he would do, and what he would think of our car...:crying:

    Here is Kankkunen messing about doing a rolling 360...

    Here he is hitting 200kph on a patch of snow about as long as a short piece of string...

    Here is a vid of us in-car in Lamborghini and clients Maserati Gransport who came out for the experience...:icon_thumright:

    I hope you enjoy, I certainly did!

    If you fancy coming and doing this with us we are going again in a couple of months! http://www.therealgranturismo.com/
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