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rain = drivers window problem...

Pete69zx Aug 7, 2006

  1. Pete69zx

    Pete69zx Guest

    When it rains (like it did here lastnight extremely heavily!), my drivers side window will squeak even more than usual & the window speed at which the window moves at is almost snail like.

    The window even went crazy & would attempt to go up, then it would move down, then try to move back up & then back down again, then wouldnt respond!

    Also, the window doesnt ever fully close even when its not in rainy conditions.

    This is really starting to drive me nuts!

    Sick of excess wind noise & getting wet when it rains!
  2. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    looks like you have either

    a part broken on the window mech
    the window mech needs aligning
    or you need to lube the runner / clean them.

    hope this helps......

    I just get wet after its been raining and I forget to stop first then open the window ......grrrrrrrrrrr
  3. Pete69zx

    Pete69zx Guest

    Cheers fingermouse :)

    I also know the thing about getting wet when opening the window (damn no gutters on the A3, but with gutters, it wouldnt be right, lol).

    Will try & get the door card of soon as i get a decent amount of time on my hands.

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