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Radio problem

eandraws Jun 4, 2008

  1. eandraws

    eandraws New Member

    Hello people - first time post
    Can anyone tell me why I have poor reception on my radio - I have a 53 A3 sport with the original Audi symphony radio/cassette/cd.
    On any one radio station button as I travel in certain areas the radio switches to other loclal channels. I have taken my wifes car along the same routes and her radio is perfect. I assume that the radio is picking up a weak signal but it should be better than my wife's citreon (wash my mouth out).

    The aerial is part of the heated rear window and under the plastic cover moulding of the rear hatch on the top left hand side as viewed from outside there is a little black box which has two thin cables connecting it to two soldered terminals of the heated rear windscreen element. I wondered if this was an aerial booster and was'nt working. Infact there are two terminals on the right side of the heated windscreen that look as though there should be a second black box but I have looked at my mates A3 and his has only one same the same as mine:3sadwalk:.

    As the black box costs £65 plus vat from audi I don't really want to but one until I am sure what it is and if it is this not working.

    Any help would be greatly recieved

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