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Radio no longer working!

Keefo Apr 25, 2009

  1. Keefo

    Keefo Member

    Hi all, my friend as removed his standard Audi A3 Radio (single din, Audi Concert)
    And had another radio plugged in for a while, now he wants to go back to the standard Radio he removed, but we have plugged everything in, and now it does not turn on at all.

    Is there something you have to do to get it to power back on after it being removed?


  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Could be a number of things.
    What age A3 is it i.e. CANBUS or not CANBUS?
    Was the other radio aftermarket? If so, then, depending on the CANBUS issue, was the ISO power loom butchered to accomodate the switched & perm lives being the wrong way round?
    Is the fuse on the back of the Concert OK?
  3. Keefo

    Keefo Member

    errm, not sure on the Age of the A3, its an old 1.8T tho....

    And from what i have been told the ISO Loom hasnt been touched, the other radio was an aftermarket one, but he told me he just plugged it in and it was fine.

    Now when trying to put original radio in, nothing at all.

    And i checked the Fuse on the back of the original HU and that seems fine :-s

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