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radio amplifier? microphone location?

fenian672000 Dec 10, 2006

  1. fenian672000

    fenian672000 Member


    Im awaiting the arival of the Becker grand prix head unit, can someone explain to me if i need a ariel booster/amplifier, am i correct in saying that this is an integral part of the stock hu.........and if i do need one would anyone know of a part number for autuoeads as this is what the local shop stocks.

    Also im not into gizmos, hence the choice of headunit, but even this one comes with some sort of bluetooth device that enables your mobile phone to play through your speakers, and for you to talk back via a microphone........so my question is where should this microphone be fitted, and if you could give me a brief route to take for wireing to where you recommend...

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Autoleads products are generally shyte, I'd order the Maystar one from here:

    Or, I think there is only one, it's not specific to Audi.
    I mounted my mic for car kit next to the centre lights in the headlining, unscrew and prise out the light cluster, then you can feed the wire under the edge of the headlining along the top of the windscreen and down the pillar without having to remove the trim.
  3. fenian672000

    fenian672000 Member

    you are da MAN.....cheers :applaus:

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