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Radiator Cooling Fans overrunning

razputin Feb 21, 2007

  1. razputin

    razputin Member

    Hopefully somebody can help me out here before i spend a fortune on repairs!!

    A3 2.0Tdi - 3 months out of warranty :-(

    Seems the radiator fans continues to run after the engine has been switched off & doesn't stop until the battery is dead, with a burning smell too. I guess the fan running at full speed would explain this. After checking through the threads i've found that it can be one of a number of things, 2 below seem to be the most probable causes though.

    - Fan switch or relay has gone. Anybody know where the fan switch is?
    - ECU within the fan shroud has gone. Means i'll have to replace both fans which will cost me £410 (labout included).

    Can't even get it booked into a dealer to get a diagnostic as they are fully booked up for 2 weeks!!!

    Does this sound familiar to anyone??

    Would this be something i could diagnose myself if i were to get a vag cable linked up to my laptop? Maybe worth buying one

    Any feedback would be great.

  2. Russky

    Russky New Member


    Had exactly the same problem on my 3.2. I pulled up after a drive, fan running full pelt.

    Odd, I thought - so went away then came back 60 mins later to find it still running!

    New I was in trouble when the keyfob wouldnt open the doors so the battery was dead.

    Battery drained, fan stopped, got it jumpstarted (the shame!) and took it for a drive. Sure enough when I got back the fan was going again.

    Ended up calling Audi Assist to come out by which time the fan was burning itself out. Car was then in the Garage for nearly 2 weeks while they located and installed a new engine bay fan system.

    Not sure how much help this is to you, mine was done under warranty so no idea of cost! The actual install didnt take long once they got the part though.


  3. razputin

    razputin Member

    Cheers for that.

    Sounds like the same problem. Its funny how Audi deny that its a common fault whenever it actually is. Have found hundreds of people have had the exact same problem. Guy in Audi parts department says they keep a huge stock of the fans, obviously for that reason, as he hinted.

    Guess i'll just have to bite the bullet & get it done. £410 is a killer though. Only had the car 6 months, if even!!!

    Good luck!!

  4. timps

    timps Shakersville

    Radiator fan temperature sensors have been known to stick on Audi’s (some due to corrosion of the plug).

    Before buying a completely new system unplug cable number 9 (inspect the plug for possible tracking across the pins) from plug 14 in the diagram below. If the fan stops then you have isolated your problem just buy a new sensor (14) if not the problem lies else where.

  5. razputin

    razputin Member

    Can't believe this though!!!

    Connected the battery back again this morning & the fan didn't kick in at all!! Took it over to a guy i know to have a look at it, bit embarassing when the problem was no longer visible. Obviously there's still is a problem though as you could smell burning plastic again inside the car, coming up through the interior fans.

    Hopefully he'll find the problem, but i'll get him to try your option too.

    Will keep you posted on the outcome.

    Many thanks for all your help!!


  6. rosscotdi

    rosscotdi Member

    [SIZE=-1]unfortunately for you you have just been a victim of sods law!!
    Happens to me all the time with car faults!!
  7. Eeef

    Eeef Lord of War

    It might be worth giving your local Audi dealer a try. They have been known to extend good will in the past...believe it or not.

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