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RACEMAX Wheel Spacers Now Available!

GNJ_Motorsport Feb 4, 2013

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    We are delighted to have been given the chance to distribute RaceMax wheel spacers in the UK. As such we would like to offer ASN members special deals on them direct from us.

    All members are entitled to 10% off. Prices and applications are here on our RaceMax UK website

    Race Max - Performance Wheel Spacers

    Please call to get your discount. We have received stock today but it is limited for now, we are hoping to have all Audi applications on the shelf in the next few months.

    At the moment we have stock of the 5, 10 & 12mm spacers with radius bolts for standard wheels (5/112, CB 57.1mm fitment) They are unique in that they also come with an extended brake disc retainer (except 5mm) so no more hassle of spacers sliding round when trying to fit the wheel. I also think you will find them extremely well priced, particularly with the discount :)

    An example of the price with discount:

    10mm front, 12mm rear (Excellent sizes for the A3/S3 8P) £138 + £5.95 delivery. Minus your ASN discount = £130.15 delivered.

    Pics to follow.

    Any questions please drop me a PM


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