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Race of Champions Portugal

lil_coz Aug 16, 2010

  1. lil_coz

    lil_coz Active Member

    Anyone watch this on Motors TV last weekend? It was on Sunday and Monday night. I had a couple of days free and the event was held up the coast from me in Portimao so I went along. It wasn't the normal ROC that they hold in December but there were still some big names that came along!

    Marcus Gronholm, Johnny Herbert, Stephane Ortelli, Armin Schwarz, Stig Blomqvist, Mick Doohan, Emanuele Pirro, Dani Sordo, Dindo Capello and a few other Portuguese guys.

    The cars that were used were the ROC Buggies, Formula BMW's, NASCAR's, KTM X Bow's, Solution F's, and the RX 150 buggy.

    Was a great couple of nights.

    Here's a few vids.

    This one is a Solution F deciding to go straight into a concrete barrier. What you can't see in the vid is the other side of the car is COMPLETELY destroyed and he still takes it back to the pits lol.


    A couple of KTM's having an off. In the first vid, it hands the win to Johnny who goes on to be runner up of the event losing to Pirro



    Audi Quattro driven by Stig..... Blomqvist.


    A couple of the Red Bull X Fighters



    Terry Grant was there doing a few stunts...


    And the podium with Pirro and Herbert


    I'm hoping to make the proper ROC within the next couple of years. Has to be done!

    Enjoy :beerchug:
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  2. 4corta

    4corta New Member


    Just saw your clips from ROC Portimao. It seems a really amazing event.
    I heard ROC will be in Germany this year. The 27th and 28th of November. Can't wait to go. Check out the website: raceofchampions.com.
    They have really cool video clips and pictures.

  3. Chistiya005

    Chistiya005 New Member

    hello guys ...
    its really nice and informative post....
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    thanks for your information guys ...........

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