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R32 to A3 Black Edition

alexA3 Aug 27, 2013

  1. alexA3

    alexA3 New Member

    Afternoon people.

    My name is alex, 22 from Warrington. I have recently changed from a mk 5 r32 to a 59 plate audi a3 black edition. I loved the r32 especially the sound but when I started to work further away from home the price of fuel got a bit ridiculous so I decided to be sensible and get a 2.0 (140) TDI.



    When I bought the a3 I was worried that the car would feel much much slower than the r32 but to my surprise the a3 actually feels nippy. Im loving the turbo compared to the big heavy v6. The r32 was fast but didn't feel fast if you get me.

    There is a few things I want to change on the a3 so I'm hoping you lot can point me in the right direction.

    • The first thing I want fitted is the RNSE sat nav system. Can someone let me know where is best to get this fitted and what cost?
    • I then want to make the car look like an s3 black edition. Is there any threads on here where an a3 black edition has been converted to look like an s3?
    • I want the wing mirrors- where is best to get these?
    • I want the s3 or rs3 front grill- is this a direct swap?
    • The s3 rear diffuser- can the s line rear diffuser be simply replaced?
    • Im also thinking that I may need lowering springs to make it look as low as an s3. Anyone recommend any springs that lower the car but do not make the ride ridiculous?
    Hope I haven't bored you all.


  2. _Zerocool_

    _Zerocool_ Active Member

    Sounds like you should have got the S3 black ed lol. Glad you like the a3 though. I do miss the Mpg of my diesel.
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Alex, we do allot of the original technology for the cars, ping us a PM & we can give you prices for supply/fit :)
  4. TDI_TIM

    TDI_TIM Top Gear

    Alex - to be honest with you, most, if not all of your questions are answered in the FAQ section at the top of these A3 forums :) trust me a lot of useful info there. Oh and welcome to the forums :)
  5. A3-black

    A3-black Member

    Where about's in Warrington are you from Alex? My Mrs is from Appleton we get up for visits quite a lot. Have a look through my posts I had a more or less identical car to you and put and S3 front, rear and side skirts as well as RSNE.

    For the rear you have to buy a full bumper as the diffusers aren't interchangeable on the face lift models, I bought an S3 bumper from Nigel (NHN) Top fella and comes highly recommended.

    If your going to upgrade to S3 bumpers and skirts then be prepared to dig deep mate things like the skirts are more than you'd expect.
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  6. alexA3

    alexA3 New Member

    Im from grapenhall heys mate which is basically about 30 seconds away from appleton. You will have to show me your car next time your are nearby. I have just been speaking to NHN about the rns-e upgrade so I will probe get that done first then look into getting the s3 parts fitted. I want the s3 aluminium pedals fitted as well.

    I will take a look through your posts now mate.


  7. Tay

    Tay Active Member VCDS Map User

    Nice to see someone else from Warrington on the forum, I'm from Woolston so we should organise a mini meet for the few of us from the area soon as the NW is lacking in events lately.

    Your R32 looked nice, bet it was a shock downgrading in performance terms but its a no brainer with a long commute! If you go down the route of fitting the RNSE yourself ill be happy to help with the coding.
  8. coxy8329

    coxy8329 Member

    Alex use Google to search just put "audi-sport" in the search box with what you're looking for.
  9. turbonutz

    turbonutz Active Member

    You would be cheaper gettin an s3 :p. Ya prolly will want to get dpf removed and remap aswell make car bit quicker to and ya will forget about the r32 ;)
  10. veeeight

    veeeight I am a very pretty girl VCDS Map User Black Edition

    Grapenhall lol
    My mate with a white 'Rocco lives there :p
  11. Jameze

    Jameze James

    R32 :wub: I'll always have a soft spot for those cars.
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  12. vivalacoulter

    vivalacoulter Active Member VCDS Map User Audi S5

    I've always wanted the MK4 version myself, just such a great looking car.

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