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R32 brake upgrade on a 1.9tdi - issues

Y3NRY Feb 22, 2010

  1. Y3NRY

    Y3NRY New Member

    Hi guys,

    Collected my R32 setup at the weekend, all in very good condition having covered low mileage. Ive got a major problem though as i have over looked the fact that i only have 280mm discs on the front which means that my hubs have the carriers cast into them. To be able to fit my 345mm fronts im gunna need 2 front hubs off an a3 with 288mm front brakes or ie nothing below a tdi pd140! mines a 1.9tdi hence the smaller brakes. Does anyone know any decent breakers who may be able to hook me up? otherwise i think i may have to invest in a pair of GSF hubs for a 140! dunno how much they are from audi but i bet its probably more than i payed for my R32 setup!.

    Also has anyone got any suggested performance pads for the S3/R32 brakes, mine came with pretty much new standard pads but i figure i may as well upgrade while i am at it. I hear mintex, ferodo and tarox are good but there are too many to choose from!. I will want them for fast road driving, not something that will wear fast and no high pitched squeaking! ( the set my mate just put on his Civic Type-R are enough to stat up a headache!)


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