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R U being stung for your oil change. Don't be

JimmyJames Dec 17, 2008

  1. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    I'm paying about £170 for a "variable service" at just under two-year intervals. That works out at less than £100 per year on sevicing, which is pretty reasonable overall compared to any other make of car that needs fixed one year services and it keeps an Audi stamp in the book for better resale later.

    I accept that you don't need to get it serviced by Audi for the warranty, but mine's out of warranty and it can only help any arguements I get into for out of warranty claims or resale value if I have a full stamped book.

    My local VAG specialist was a similar price for each service, every time I checked, so no benefit there.

    On top of that, as its my own car - I actually change the longlife oil and filter myself "mid-service".
    You used to have to change diesel engined car oil every three months as the soot particles get into the oil, turn it heavy and block the filter.
    I accept that oil has come a long way, but the oil in Audi diesel engined cars still gets very black quickly, so there must still be loads of soot getting into it and for £20, changing it at 12-month/10,000 mile intervals seems a good idea to me. 2 years or 20,000 mile intervals must be really pushing it and can't be doing its best for the protection of the engine after all that use....

    A new oil filter and a 4.5 litre can of proper 507.00 spec longlife oil cost me just £22 in total from my local Partco motor factors this week and a quick 30 mins under the car saw it changed quite easily....

    As I'm paying myself and its my own car, having a proper longlife service every two years getting the book stamped and then doing my own mid-term for the longevity of the car seems a quite economical option and provides the best of both worlds.
  2. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    One reason the service costs vary so much is not all dealers use the standard book times for the service. Some might use 1.1hrs, some 1.6 hrs some 1.9 hrs for the same service. Get Audi to tell you the official book time for the service and then ask your dealer how much labour they are charging you in hours.
  3. Tyler Owen

    Tyler Owen Member

    Also a piece of information about the stealers, used to work in one.

    the bulk oil when bought in 1000 litres worked out at 83p for Semi Synthetic and £1.07 for Fully Synthetic per this was Shell oil so would have varied for different companies

    But that was then retailed out at £7.90 for Semi and £12.90 for the Fully Synthetic

    Robbing ********!!!
  4. Batt284

    Batt284 Member


    It is true that the mechanic might do that, but it is still worth considering that your "expensive" oil is still cheaper that the cheap stuff the garage charges you for!! So you would still be benefiting cost wise.

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