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R Tech remapped

buz Sep 20, 2013

  1. buz

    buz Flat out

    Yesterday I finally got my 2012 S3 stage 1 remapped and I've only got one issue..............why did I wait so long?!

    The initial readings were 275bhp and 278 ft/lb standard which is pretty good as its spent the first 12 months of its life on 95RON fuel and only getting its first V power for remap! With Nick working his ECU wizardry for a few hours and applying a linear throttle response I came away with 309 bhp and 359 ft/lb torque so very pleased. It feels only slightly better than standard low down the revs but get to 3K and it sets off and just pulls and pulls but in a strong smooth way rather than getting a kick which suits my driving style and hopefully be kind to the clutch. I can highly recommend R Tech as very helpful and seem genuinely keen to help so don't waste as much time as I did and get yourself remapped 😜
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  2. smurfworth

    smurfworth Well-Known Member Audi S3

    I saw this on his Facebook yesterday, looks very nice indeed.
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  3. wigandill

    wigandill Member

    id reccomend r-tech any day, had two cars mapped by them and soon to be a third with the diesel avant :)

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