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R-tech remap

c_dog Oct 29, 2008

  1. c_dog

    c_dog Member

    I have been considering a remap for a while now but there seems to be the age old question of who to go with! A colleague at work with a 1.8t GTI just got a remap from these guys at R-tech and rated it. I was wondering if anybody else had heard of them and knew if they were any good? For the price it seems to be too good to be true...
  2. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    I'm down the road and haven't heard of them and the website is unfinished so ???.I know people who'll come round and map your motor for cheap,it just depends what you require
  3. R-tech_Nick

    R-tech_Nick Member

    Nice forum Guys! a few customers have told me about this site in the past, but i never got time sign up to say hello.

    Just to set the story straight.:sadlike:

    The old website is only 50% built, but it is being ditched over the next 2 weeks to make way for our new website which is 75% ready but not fully live yet
    www.r-techpower.co.uk/index.php plus the forum will also be live which will be based on BMW VAG engine tuning and diagnostics help and advice.

    R-tech is not a massive name.
    90% of our work is Golf Gti mk4 & 5 and BMW diesels so our name is not big in the Audi field yet, but we do very good tuning option for all the Audi range, Infact we have just remapped a Blue S4 which is local to you in Nuneaton.

    Our VAG remaps are refined with many hours of testing on our dyno cell, we offer strong powerful remap which give constant smooth power across the whole rev range not aggressive so the power peak early and drain off when you really need it.

    We sponsor one of the biggest Golf Gti drivers forum, we we have built up a VERY good feeback and happy customer base.

    I could go on but i dont want to upset the mods,, I am not here as an advert so plz edit my post if its out of line.:think:

    I will now spend some time here helping out with all you diganostics faults and tuning issues, but time Is limited as we only have 3 staff. fire you questions at me guy, i am now here to help

    Nick Gower
    R-Tech remaps

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