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R reg AGU 3 door,gold A3

agu Aug 2, 2013

  1. agu

    agu Member

    1996 Gold Audi A3
    150bhp AGU engine(running perfectly,172k miles) with almost full service history!
    standard 16inch alloys in matte black or golf 15 inch 5spokes in matt black
    full yellow leather interior

    the car is still whole,it needs 2 wishbones or just bushes if you wish! 4springs and abs sorting out for mot,the bottom of the doors are usual bubbling not rotten!

    I will sell as a whole for £200 or strip the car in bits,everything is working as they should!

    Location: Scotland(kw1)
    contact number: 07743555704
    mot runs out tomorrow at midnight,no tax



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