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Quick Tyre Review - Uniroyal Rainsport.

DJM1982 Mar 3, 2011

  1. DJM1982

    DJM1982 Member

    I ordered 4 x 234/40 r18 y rated uniroyal rainsport tyres from Camskill last week saving a whole load of money from the local tyre garages from around my area.
    They were delivered 3 days early (amazing service), and were very helpful with what probably were some stupid questions i kept asking (seriously recommend buying your tyres from them)

    These arrived on my doorstep on Monday morning:

    Got them fitted and balanced at a local garage yesterday for £11.50 a wheel (including disposal of used tyres)
    Here's what they look like on my car:

    And a quick review:

    Only covered around 160miles on them today, but first impressions are very good.
    Grip in the corners is amazing, even under hard cornering at some silly speeds, :laugh:
    Braking and accelerating again very good.
    Tyre noise is very low, even when taken up to 3 figures this morning on a quiet m1.

    So overall, very impressed, but still early days. But the big test comes in the rain, where these tyres should excel, so will post an update after the first wet driver.

    cheers for reading.

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