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Quick thinking

tony-b-3.2-v6 Jul 17, 2009

  1. tony-b-3.2-v6

    tony-b-3.2-v6 Member

    A man walks up to a boy working in a shop and says
    “I would like half a head of lettuce”
    The boy turned to the man and said
    “we only sell full heads, sir”
    furious, the man demanded the boy confront the manager about it
    So the boy went to the manager and said
    “Boss, there’s some old **** out here wants to buy half a head of lettuce..”
    Realising the man was stood behind him, the boy soon added
    “and this gentleman would like to buy the other half…”

    Later that day the manager approached the boy and said
    “I liked how you handled that situation earlier, we like people like you here, where are you from?
    “New Zealand” the boy replied
    “New Zealand?” said the boss “Why did you leave there?”
    the boy looked at the manager and said “well, there’s nothing there except Whores and rugby players”
    “is that right” said the boss “my wife’s from new Zealand”
    “Really?!” said the boy “and who did she play for?”
  2. Igdos

    Igdos Member

    LOL- good un. :)

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