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Quick thanks to Sky Insurance

stevewushu Aug 24, 2011

  1. stevewushu

    stevewushu Member

    Just a quick thank you post to Kevin at Sky Insurance who arranged (almost) the cheapest quote for my S3 but included any mods, and protected no claims all at no extra cost.
    Green light came out £20 cheaper, but for the cover that Sky was offering it was worth the extra £20.

    Just so you know,
    29 years of age (30 next month),
    6 years NCB
    Long driving history of group 18 and 20 cars (S3 only group 17),
    Parked in a locked garage.
    Limited mileage.

    Came out £545 fully comp.

    That's the cheapest I could get anywhere.
    Insurance definitely gone up loads in past 2 years.
    I've had 4 integra type-r (2 pf which were group 20 imports), and was younger with less NCB and STILL got cheaper than £500!
    My last S3 (2years ago) cost me £340 to insure.

    Better dig deep for those insurance premiums if you're a young driver!

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