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Quick shifters - looking for advice.

krisS3 Sep 4, 2009

  1. krisS3

    krisS3 New Member

    Hi Everyone!!
    That is my first thread so before anything HELLO; lots of useful knowledge here.
    Now to the point. Before I bought the S3 I was driving A4 1,9 TDI, and apart from economy, sound of engine, bla,bla,bla..gear changing in it was awesome. I knew it is not going to be like that in S3 because of the location of gearbox. But I would like to improve it (not location but the way of changing gear - make it more precise and quicker).
    Does any of You has them Forge Quick shifters fitted?? What are they like?? Do they improve a lot, especially when driving little bit faster or is it just another way to spend more money on useless gadget?? And do i need both of them (cause I think the side-to-side movement is ok but front-back could be shorter).
  2. FazS3

    FazS3 Member

    Hi mate,

    I had the Diesel Geek short shift on my old S3, I could not recommend it enough. Awesome piece of kit and improved the driving 'feel' incredibly. You cannot really rush the gearbox of the S3 but the Diesel Geek was an excellent upgrade, if I had the chance again I would without a doubt.
  3. Olly P

    Olly P My other cars a mk2 Golf GTi

  4. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    A cheaper alternative is to buy the linkage componet for a Mk1 TT which fits straight on and reduces the throw by about 20%.

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