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Quick question on wheels

Spuddy Oct 7, 2012

  1. Spuddy

    Spuddy New Member

    Hi there, been looking at new wheels for my A3 sport, they are xxr 530 wheels, available in 18x8.75j and 18x9.75j
    Both et20

    I want to run 9.75j all round to keep matching stretch. Anyone know if they will fit the car basically!? Lol

    I will be running 215/40/18 so plenty of stretch. I know they will fit on the rear, buy not sure about the front.
    Arches are rolled all round, liners removed.

    Has anyone run similar sized wheels or has pics of one that does.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    If you looking for advice on wheels, user N8 is the wheel expert on here. :) x

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