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Quick Question on Headlight Lens Repair

carlover Sep 10, 2010

  1. carlover

    carlover New Member

    My headlight lenses on my wife’s Audi are real dull & cloudy. I thought about replacing them but now I see that there are some restoration kits available. Has anybody tried anything like this? Does it really work? Here’s a couple I was looking at: 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System and Symtech 75010010 Bright Solutions Headlamp Polishing Car Care Kit

    I'm definitely open to other suggestions if neither of these look like they will do the job. I'm just looking for a cheap fix if at all possible. But obviously I will shell out the money to replace the lenses if these restoration products don't work very well. I suppose my wife should be able to see where she is going when driving at night. I suppose.

  2. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    eventually they might fail its mot on it if theyre effecting the clarity of the beam pattern.
    had a high mileage vw bora in at work like this, looked like someone had been polishing the lenses with a brillo pad!
  3. Alex C

    Alex C Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi S3

  4. Sarah's A3

    Sarah's A3 MODERATOR V6 S3 Hybrid Moderator

    I did mine last week, used Poorboys SSR1 and SSR2 then Meguires Deep Crystal System 2 & 3 and really happy with the results. Got rid of most of the stone chips too!

    Good luck with yours.
  5. drfeelgood

    drfeelgood Member

    Yer i need to do this to mine. Looks like the last owner had the right side light replaced, however the left light looks only slightly dull, would simple plastix with some elbow grease bring it back up?

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