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Quick question about S3 8P LED DRL's

ApolloS3 Jul 27, 2012

  1. ApolloS3

    ApolloS3 Member

    Hi everyone,

    Ok so when im driving round in the day, my LED DRL's dont seem to be as wide as they do in the night.

    During the day:


    At night (with ignition off, lights set to auto):



    My question is, when it starts getting dark and the headlights come on automatically, are the DRL's extended right to the end LED's? it seems like a few are out when its daylight.

    Is it possible to get them to look like they do at night? and the auto setting is a bit sensitive, the headlights come on when the sun hasnt even gone down.


  2. jsosic

    jsosic Member

    Hehe I thought my were broken when I saw it light like yours here, but it seems it's normal.... Doubt you can do anything, they are different at night becaue of higher reflections.

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