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quick maf sensor question

kkk Sep 1, 2013

  1. kkk

    kkk Member

    does any one know if i could change my air flow sensor to a differant part number. its currently fooc 2g2 040 but the other i have spare has 027 instead of 040.

    should it still work?


  2. slappy_dunbar

    slappy_dunbar Let's Do This

    you are talking about the sensor itself, which resides inside the plastic housing. Yes? I believe the replacement sensor you have is from older, narrow-band cars. But the -40 series sensor is from newer vehicles. I'm afraid they're not interchangeable, causing your ECU to interpret your airflows inaccurately.

    Have a looksee here for some excellent pictures of the sensors available.

    The Build - A GT2871R build documentary - Page 11
  3. kkk

    kkk Member

    Well tbh they are both from pre wideband cars but the 040 is in my 2000 1.8T and the other was one I bought for my old v5 golf on a v 99 both look identical apart from the last 3 digits.

    Iv read 040 was from pre wideband and 049 is from newer models like aums but cant find any info on useing the 027,
  4. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    040 is narrow band and 049 is wide band... you can't mix them as the scaling is different... based on your previous posts you have an AJQ A3 TQS?... this is narrowband ECU I believe and the 040 is the correct sensor to use... using a n other sensor will throw fuelling out under WOT...

    Buy the right one and buy a new one rather than a second hand one as they are service items and go wrong... a second hand one is a false economy

  5. kkk

    kkk Member

    Ahh my man your correct and thats where im having the probloms probly down to the 027 sensori was useing so il run it with the broken sensor till I can get in for a new one, problom is the houseing number could have any sensor in it from what iv seen.

    Thanks very much.


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