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Quick Electric Windows Question

MarcQuinlivan Jul 18, 2008

  1. MarcQuinlivan

    MarcQuinlivan Active Member

    As some of you may have read before I've been looking for a way to disable my electric windows to stop passengers from opening the windows and scratching my tints.

    I never open the windows - even before I got the windows tinted - and there's been nobody in the passenger seat since I got them done that has gotten trigger happy and tried to open them.

    I'll be leaving my car with the dealer next Thursday while I take their S3 out for a 5 day test drive and want to make sure nobody opens the windows if they need to move the car from their underground car park. Some people always seem to feel the need to open all the windows as soon as they get into a car rather than letting the aircon do its job. I'll be telling the saleman not to open them, but there's always a chance that another salesman or one of the mechanics may end up moving it.

    I know there is a setting in VAGCOM for electric windows but I don't want to test opening the windows to see if they are disabled in case the windows open.

    I know it may sound a bit silly that I don't open the windows - but I don't want to risk scratching them to test if they won't open.

    Would somebody with VAGCOM mind unchecking the box in VAGCOM and trying to open their windows?

    Thanks in advance!

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