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quick DIS retro fit question

Irish EK Oct 15, 2011

  1. Irish EK

    Irish EK Member

    i just bought cruise control / DIS stalks for my 2005 A4. my indy has vagcom and so will be able to code them for me. im just concerned that when the DIS stalk is installed that i will get the error for the empty washer fluid. do i need to but the wire from audi to stop this error, or will my indy be able to ground it and delete the error without me buying anything else?! cheers.
  2. Chris79

    Chris79 On my 3rd A4! RS4 next???

    Any wire can be used to ground the pin. Do a search, think its pin 1 on the blue multi connector behind the instruments.

  3. rowdyboy

    rowdyboy Member

    The sensor and seal is only £10 from the dealer, while you've got the cluster out, you may aswell do it.
    I did the retrofit (c/c and DIS) a few months ago, any questions, feel free to PM.

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