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Quick Clean Day!

newbieboyy Mar 15, 2014

  1. newbieboyy

    newbieboyy Member

    So i thought it was time i gave the car a bit of a scrub up!

    Not many pictures as I was busy cleaning but thought i would share :)




    For those who may have an interest in what and how!!

    Pre-wash with Auto Finnese Shampoo and Chem-Rae Snow Foam,
    Washed with Auto Finnese Shampoo
    Clayed with G3 Pro Blue Clay and Dodo Juice Born Slippy.
    Washed again with Auto Finnese Shampoo, dried with blue fluffy drying cloth from CYC.
    Machine polished with Das 6-Pro DA, 3M Fast Cut and Green Pad.
    Sealed with Poor Boys EX-P
    Waxed with Poorboys Natty Paste Blue
    Windows Cleaned with 3M Foaming Cleaner
    Alloys cleaned with Sonax Extreme and poor boys wheel sealant (pink!)
    Black Trim finished with 303 Aerospace Protectant.
    3M Tape for taping up bits.
    I also fixed some nasty stone chips (including one in the roof) with Master Scratch kit from paints4u.
    Misc. Foam applicator pads from CYC, Big purple Monster Microfibres cloth, Dodo Juice bucket and grit guar, Megs mitt.

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