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Questions on 86 Audi 5000S

c_coffell64 Oct 27, 2003

  1. c_coffell64

    c_coffell64 New Member

    I have some questions on an Audi 5000S.First question is how can you tell if you timed the 5 cylinder engine correctly and how would you do it the right way.Second question is does anyone know a site were you can order parts for an 86 Audi 5000S.

  2. mike85

    mike85 New Member

    You really shouldnt have to time the 2.2 as they in that year had the new hall type distributer pick up and computer control (ecu) to manage the timing on it's own to compensate for altitude,tempurature,starting,and general performance issues.So long as it is put in it's correct position with the marks they have on them lined up correctly.Just my two cents good luck



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