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Questions about upgrading from a RNS-D in an Audi A3 8L

tquattro Mar 29, 2012

  1. tquattro

    tquattro Member


    I want to upgrade from my Non-Bose RNS-D to a standard double-din aftermarket unit(I'm looking at some Pioneer units), but I can't find anywhere a 2-din fascia adapter plate for 8L A3. Does anyone know where could I find one for 8L A3? Is the fascia from a B6/7 A4 easily adaptable to fit the console from an A3?

    Also, I've tested a single-din aftermarket Blaupunkt unit, but the tunner couldn't find any stations(the radio antena was connected). Any ideea why this happened?

    The final question:) In case I go with a Pioneer unit what adapter do I need for connecting the rear speakers and subwoofer(all stock)? I believe I need a adapter from the Blaupunkt pre-out connector to RCA's...but I don't know how to search for it.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Can't help you with the facia plate, but I would sugggest that the radio did not supply power to the antenna hence the lack of signal. You may need to get an adaptor that can provide phantom power down the antenna wire to make the antenna work with aftermarket radios.
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    There are no DD fascia plates for the 8L, you have to use an A4 one and adapt it. People on here have done it but I personally haven't so couldn't comment on what's involved.
    As Craig says you need an ISO antenna amp adapter to feed 12v to the aerial amp
    CT27AA05 Aerial/Antenna VAG Active ISO Adaptor

    You also need the RCA input adapter to link to the rear amp (PC9-404), but you will need to fade to rear quite a bit to balance the sound as you will now have twice the power of the stock HU going to the fronts, but still a feeble 2 x 20w from the rear amp
  4. tquattro

    tquattro Member

    Thank you for the quick answers!

    I didn't knew the rear amp was that weak, so probably after I will upgrade the headunit I think it would be better if I wire the rear door speakers directly to the head unit and leave only the subwoofer on the rear amp-or just throw out the subwoofer.

    Sorry for my english, I hope it's easily understandable:D

    Have a good day!
  5. Sprec1

    Sprec1 New Member

    Willing to sell the sat nav unit?
  6. tquattro

    tquattro Member


    I have another question :D. My car has some sort of phone kit/cradle connector(looks stock) between the front seats, under the armrest. Was this part of some hands free system? If so, does it have a separate microphone somewhere? I want to know if I could use that microphone, if it exists, with the new unit(I'm thinking of buying a second hand Pioneer F900BT).

    I was thinking of selling it(RNS-D unit+Xcarlink USB/SD adapter+ original user manual in german containing the security code + one original cd containing Germany coverage) on Ebay.de for around 300E but only after I have a new unit installed in my car. I hope I will have the new unit intalled in the next couple of weeks. I'm from Romania btw :), but if you're still interested then you can make me an offer.

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