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Questions about the original Audi body kit

jxm96c Nov 7, 2003

  1. jxm96c

    jxm96c Member

    Dear all, does anyone have any pics of the original Audi body kit? I am considering getting that as it's cheap (£350) and so it's the most I can afford right now... the RS4 kit is nice but the front bumper itself is already costing 500+! And the Audi one is semi-tasteful and less aggressive so suits my age too.

    If anyone has a pic please post it here, I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  2. Gambba

    Gambba Active Member

    Not sure if it's the same as the A3 one which was supplied by Projectzwo, if so then you could check out www.projectzwo.de

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