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questions about lights

Max_Arch Jan 5, 2005

  1. Max_Arch

    Max_Arch New Member

    Hi guys,
    I would like to get better lights, and i looked at 100w lights but the guys at the shop informed me that his friends had the same and that the plastic of the lights just burned with those lights.
    I would like to know if someone alreday experienced this or have another solutions to get better lightning.
  2. CraigM

    CraigM Member

    In the UK 100w bulbs are not road legal. There is a pretty good chance that the plastic headlights will melt and even the possibility of overloading the wiring and burning that out as well.

    I would go for a decent set of bulbs like Philips vision plus.

    Have a look at: http://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/bulbs/bulbs.html

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