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Question on aftermarket HU install.

scotty12 Jun 26, 2013

  1. scotty12

    scotty12 New Member

    Hi People,
    I am going to be installing a Sony XAV-601BT soon. My car is a 2004 A3 with full BOSE. I have the PC9-408 adaptor and just wanted to ask if it's just a straight plug and play?

    Been trying to google the question but find lot's of different answers about swapping wires over etc. Considering the last time I changed a stereo in a car was about 25 years ago, I am getting a little confused!

    Also on the adaptor there is a red lead that says it needs to go to the ignition 12v. Does this need to be used or is the ignition already incorporated into the Audi harnes?

    Here is a picture of the harness.

    The lead is this (Not from Halfruads)
    Halfords | Autoleads PC9-408 Audi Bose Active Adaptor

    With This:
    Line Output Converters | Autoleads

    Many thanks in advance,

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2013

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