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Question about haldex service

comdw Feb 4, 2004

  1. comdw

    comdw Member VCDS Map User

    Had my S3 about 6 months now - 53000 miles when I bought it and it'd just recently had an AVS. Now I'm appoaching 60000 miles, but the service indicator still reckons about 10000 miles to the next AVS!

    Unfortunately I don't have any record of haldex servicing on the car and believe this is meant to be done every 20k, so I was thinking of getting a full haldex service done now instead of waiting for the AVS. This would spread out the cost a bit.

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether this would be a good idea, or should I just wait for the AVS?

    At some point I've also got to figure out whether to take it to a stealer or find a specialist. Not heard of any excellent dealers or specialists in the Berks area. Suppose AMD might be worth the trek...

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