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Question about Evoms Cold Air Intake for S3

Tortel Jan 15, 2010

  1. Tortel

    Tortel Member

    I am thinking about fitting a CAI in my S3. My favourite one is the Evoms but the spanish dealer of this brand told me that in the catalogue there was no reference for the S3. As I've seen a few guys with this intake in their S3's I was wondering if the Golf V GTI Evoms Intake will fit my S3. Thats my question for you.

    If for any reason its impossible to fit the Evoms intake I'll go for the Forge one. What could you tell me about the performance of this CAI?

    Thanks and sorry for my english!
  2. KRL

    KRL Member

    It will fit.

    Make sure you buy the K04 version which has the port for the remotely located diverter valve on the K04s.

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