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Question About Boost and Twin Turbos

pipewerkz Nov 10, 2004

  1. pipewerkz

    pipewerkz Member

    Im not sure exactly how much boost a stock '00 S4 puts out but thats not really the issue. I don't have a boost gauge but will be getting one next week. If only one turbo was working would I know it? Would it be putting out half of the boost? Say a stock S4 puts out about 10 lbs of boost.. if only one turbo was working would there be 5 lbs of boost or would the car run like **** because it needs to two turbos to function properly?

    Boost Gauge question also: I love the way boost gauges look on the A-Pillar, what do you guys do if you have the air bag there? Do you still put a gauge there or is it a must to find a different place for it?
  2. K212

    K212 Member

    I dont have an S4 but My A4 has pillar airbags, so I did not choose to make my turbo gauge a possible projectile. Most owners put the boost gauge either in the vents or behind the steering wheel. What kind of gauge or pods are you looking at?

    I believe snoop made his own, and I just had mine installed, which ran me 200 usd.

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