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Question about 2 problems

NOLOGY Oct 19, 2008



    Hello everyone. I am having 2 problems with my A4 cab and i wanted you advise before i take it to my mechanic.

    First the car's alarm is going on every now and then and i cannot stop it. At firts it was doing it and when i was pressing the unlock button it stopped. Now whatever i press it doesnt stop it goes like beep-beep-beep with low noise to be honest at first the hazzard lights were also flashing now only the beep sound is there. Yesterday ia had to disconnect the battery cable to make it stop. Any ideas?

    The second is that i took the car for servicing and when i got it back my mechanic told me the turbo manifold i think its slight broken and we have to change it. The past 2 days the car sometimes gives me a hard time to start. i turn the key and after 5-6 seconds its going on like it struggles to start and the EPC light is on. Other times it starts without any problem.

    Any advices on this? Bear in mind is a 2003 model with 1.8T engine.


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