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Quattro TDI advice needed

got-vtec Aug 23, 2010

  1. got-vtec

    got-vtec New Member

    hey guys ive recently been looking at an audi a3 tdi 2.0 s-line to buy and ive also just seen the quattro model i believe they are 4WD,

    do you guys have any advantages and disadvantages of the quattro system?
    should i just go for a standard s-line or is the quattro even better?

    any advice is apreciated as im new to audi's thanks.:sob:
  2. VWAddict

    VWAddict Member VCDS Map User

    S-line is a trim level.

    Quattro is a drivetrain.

    What are your needs?
  3. b19ctr

    b19ctr The King of Cannock

    I've had my 2.0tdi 170 Quattro for just over a month now and loving it. It's returning better mpg than my 2.0 tdi 140 Golf did which i was really suprised by!
  4. got-vtec

    got-vtec New Member

    well i dont have any specific needs, i just need a 2.0 economical diesel with power when i put my foot down,
    the trim level i need, but 4wd or not im not so sure about, b19ctr im also surprised by that,

    b19 hows the power when you need it?
    and also how does the steering feel compared to a normal front wheel drive
  5. JoeD

    JoeD Member

    Theoretically speaking the Quattro would obviously benifit from more grip over its FWD counterpart. Bare in mind the Quattro system on the A3 is NOT perminant, and for normal driving pace the car is FWD (Or so I've been told).

    A down side to having the Quattro system is obviously the weight. So the 4WD car will weigh a little more than a non Quattro one, also I'm told there a little less frugle than there FWD counterparts.

    I can't confirm nor deny any of this though, but I'm sure someone one here can.
  6. devonmikeyboy

    devonmikeyboy As far from JBS as possible !

    Haldex cars are permanent 4WD ( 90 front 10 rear minimum ) but under braking the haldex system disengages and the car brakes like a FWD car. $WD car are great if you want to boost the power past 200 bhp,drive on country roads or muddy/snowy conditions.
  7. antmax7

    antmax7 Member

    best reason to buy the quattro over the fwd model is a t junction on a hill on a damp greasy day at rush hour.with quattro you KNOW you can pull out and have the grip but with fwd even with decent tyres you generally will get wheel spin
  8. b19ctr

    b19ctr The King of Cannock

    Hey Joe

    I'm finding the 170bhp delivers good power through all the gears 4th being the best you can go from 40mph to over a ton in 4th very quickly. The power delivery is a lot smoother than my 140 bhp golf and I've noticed that when I'm up to speed the engine seems to just idle as the torque keeps the car going maybe thats why it's doing better mpg?

    The main advatage I've found from going from a 2wd to a 4wd is grip the quattro system is awesome. From a standing start it just goes no spin nothing, and going into corners you just geel the car gripping I'm a convert big time I'd love to try a S3 :)

    Steering feedback is good I really enjoy the drive, I'm very tempted to remap it at some stage ;)
  9. latta1989

    latta1989 Member

    I went through this dilemma buying my car.
    Glad in the end i went for quattro.
    Pulling out of junctions and in the wet its a great advantage and for when it snows even greater.
    I have been some tricky places in the snow and it would not have been possible with only 2wd.
    Great in winter or wet conditions.
    Was sitting at a set of traffic lights in the wet in my 140 tdi quattro and left a ford st miles behind simply because he spun his wheels :)

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