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Quattro sport value

cjmcgrath Nov 19, 2013

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  1. cjmcgrath

    cjmcgrath Member

    Hi all,
    I am looking to sell my beloved Avril (A4 Avant 1.9Tdi Quattro Sport) in the new year so i thought i would ask for your expertise on approximate value.

    She has 173000miles on the clock but pulls like a train
    In the past 6 months i have owned her then i have replaced the following with OEM parts:
    Coolant temperature sensor (5 months ago)
    Thermostat (5 month ago)
    Coolant flush and replacement (5 Month ago)
    Wiper Blades (Stupid Audi ones)
    Full OEM service (less than 6 weeks ago)
    Disks and Pads all round (Grooved and Dimpled disks and Mintex pads)
    Team Heko wind deflectors
    Full set of Genuine Rubber mats
    Full set of front control arms inc. Front track rod ends
    4 Goodyear F1 asym 2 (fitted only 200mile old)
    Air con recharged (3 months ago)
    Disconnected the EGR and Deep cleaned the IM
    Cleaned out the vanes of the turbo

    I also have a to do list of things I intend on doing before selling her:
    Refurb the wheels
    Replace the worn pieces of trim ( fingerplate, window switches, AC buttons, Headlight switch)
    Replace the catch on the front arm rest
    Install 5K HIDs (since the standard are just dangerously poor)
    Fit new number plate light assembly (screws rusted in on orginal)
    Restore the paintwork (not really needed but OCD kicking in so, Clay bar, feracla, polish, wax etc.)
    Replace the O/S/R Tail light as they have been mismatch since I got her)

    I think i have listed everything about this beautiful car the interior has a few age issues whicvh i plan of sorting but the seats and everything else spot on.
    I was thinking she should be worth about £3500 as I've seen some Non Quattro sports going for a lot more. would you guys agree?

    Many Thanks

  2. cjmcgrath

    cjmcgrath Member

    I know I just posted this but it wouldn't let me reply then it closed.
    I had a look at that link that quattrojames sent me but since I have higher mileage and I don't have the GmbH kit on her then that's why I was looking for a closer value.
  3. Ollie-B

    Ollie-B Rockin' Shnit

    It will have been closed because you cant make value threads Apparrently....
  4. cjmcgrath

    cjmcgrath Member

    Why not I've seen a few on here before with a load of replies. Not kicking up a fuss but ok dokes.

  5. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    "What's it worth?" threads are indeed against the rules, I tend to take an objective view and let them run unless they develop into too blatant an advert in which case they get locked. Sometimes other mods spot them and they get locked earlier.

    In honesty I would have though the link I posted would have allowed you to make an objective assessment of the value of your car? The chances of finding one in exactly the same spec are fairly slim, but with ebay and Auto Trader I'm sure it's possible.
  6. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Unless you can do the you intend to do yourself, why waste money on tarting it up before selling, unless you can recoup the value back?

    It will sell easy anyways, nothing to worry about, I tried to find one 2 years ago, every time one came up for sale, it sold within a few days!
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