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Quattro Avant lowering questions.....help!!

otterolly Jun 14, 2011

  1. otterolly

    otterolly New Member

    I want to lower my 3.2 quattro s-line avant (2005) by approximately 35mm all round so when you take into account the s-line is 15mm lower anyway I would need springs that lower by 50mm. I cannot find any springs for the quattro that lower more than 35mm, but 2WD springs I have seen lower up to 55mm. What are the reasons for quattro sprrings not going as low as 2WD springs ?? Would it make any difference if I use 2WD springs on my quattro ?? I have coilovers on at the minute but find them very unstable ?? which I dont know why??
    any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. si hoc

    si hoc Member

    i think its the other way aruond when ive been lookin to lower my 2wd s line h&r and eibach list 30/35mm for 2wd and 45mm for quattro. i though quattros sat a bit lower to start with any way???

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