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Quaife LSD for S3 Sportback (8P5)?

kinson Nov 30, 2010

  1. kinson

    kinson Member

    Can I ask what gain does one get upgrading to Quaife LSD? Have seen GTI/Scirroco owners adding the LSD on their drives, however when looking at wikipedia (under Haldex Traction), it says, "The main components of the new Haldex system are the Power Take-Off Unit (PTU), Limited Slip Coupling (LSC) and eLSD (Electronic Limited Slip Differential).... The eLSD transfers torque to the two rear wheels. "

    What benefit can be gained by installing the Quaife LSD? What is the down-side? Any mates got the LSD installed on their S3s?
  2. *ace*

    *ace* New Member

    Hey dude, GTI/Roc's are all FWD cars...
  3. tku

    tku Member

    I thought the difference is that the quaife is a mechanical differential rather than a electrical one? Im sure someone with better knowledge will be here to advise soon though! And also..rather then the electrical system such as the e-diff transferring torque to rear wheels for example I always assumed the mechanical quaife would apply the torque to the individual wheels that need it most I.e inside wheel when taking a corner..Someone come along fast pleasE haha.
  4. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    i'm by no means an expert, but my understanding is that the eLSD that some of the newer PQ35 platform FWD cars have just brakes the wheel with less grip. (it's called XDS and is supplied as standard on the GTI version of the Golf and 2.0TSI and R versions of the Scirocco.) no Haldex equipped cars have this as far as i'm aware.

    the Quaife diff sends more power to the wheel with more grip. so in theory it means that you'd be able to boot it more out of a corner and reduces torque steer and wheel spin in high power FWD applications.

    i did look into it briefly but it's quite an expensive modification. you've already got the performance controller for your haldex, so the next step up may be front arms from a TT if you're looking to build a monster. i imagine that the differential is better suited to FWD cars that have huge power outputs, or Haldex cars that are run on a track.

    but as i said, i'm by no means an expert and someone may well have better knowledge/insight/experience on the subject.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2010
  5. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 DSG

    The Quaife is a torque biassing mechanical diff,and can definitely aid in putting down power through the front wheels,but does have a tendency to be a bit snappy(I've had these on a previous high powered 4WD,and you may well find it takes a bit of getting used to).

    Being honest,I think you'd get a lot more out of fitting a sport Haldex controller,which removes a lot of the car's inherent understeer,and is a very worthwile addition.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2010

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