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Quadlock connector

GeoffT Jan 4, 2008

  1. GeoffT

    GeoffT Member

    I have done the SDS hack for my retrofit RNS-E, so just need to connect the microphone lead from the footwell connector to the back of the RNS-E.

    I know that I can just add the appropriate pins to connector C in the existing quadlock, but I would prefer to make up a new mini loom consisting of a new male and female C connector and run the appropriate cables to that.

    This has 2 advantages for me:

    1) I can make this up on a bench rather than fiddling around with the connector in the dash to find the correct pins.

    2) If I need to revert to the factory-fit Symphony II, for whatever reason, it is plug and play reversible.

    I know that the C connector unclips from the quadlock so all I need is a male and female C connector block and the appropriate pins, and I can make up a loom that clips into the quadlock , connects to the existing C connector, and provides the MIC in connections to run to the footwell.

    Does anyone know who makes the C connector blocks and pins and where I can get them from?
  2. marms

    marms Member

    Have a look here

    Sadly, it doesn;t look like you can get the female version of the 'C' plug.
  3. GeoffT

    GeoffT Member

    Thanks for the link. To be honest I wasn't expecting to get them from Audi, I had presumed there would be made by Molex or someone like that and could get them direct or from RS or similar. That is my only chance of getting a female connector I think, because the Audi "female" is actually part of the RNS-E itself.

    Edit. actually we have it the wrong way round - the female is on the list the male isn't.

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