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Q7 Reversing Camera Not Working

NickW_UK Apr 28, 2014

  1. NickW_UK

    NickW_UK New Member

    Bought my Q7 from a non Audi Dealer so gradually finding bits and pieces out about the car, which to be fair, is bloody good. Never bbought a car and found things that are of a benefit (when there working)!

    I have parking Sensors Front & Rear but didnt think i had a cmaera as the Dealer never told me. Anyways, found the camera but its not working! On the options list it does not state parking advanced or what ever, i just have this code

    PRCode: 8YQ = Radio HIGH

    I have Sat Nav, TV etc if that helps.

    When selecting reverse it gets this view,


    But nothing displays!


    Any help appreciated!

    I will be taking it back to the dealers, when i can!

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