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Q7 rear entertainment help/advice

paul_45 Jun 16, 2013

  1. paul_45

    paul_45 New Member

    Hi, purchased a full spec 2013 Q7 S-line plus with B&O sound. It was B&O or Bose + Audi's rear entertainment and I went with the B&O. Meanwhile I have 3 kids that are more interested in Peppa and Mickey than booming B&O sound, so had to figure out an aftermarket rear entertainment system. Dealer came up with the Rosen AV7900 included with delivery of the vehicle, so I went for it. Bottom line on the Rosen system is that I can't stand it, given me nothing but trouble (started a thread on the AVForums site, you can read all about it there, won't bore you with detail here). So I will probably remove it and am looking for an alternative.

    I'm seriously thinking of just getting one of these iPad cradles and popping a few in the car and getting the kids BT headphones. But before I do that I wanted to see if there were other systems out there that could compete with the simplicity and video quality of the iPad - and do it in the headrest. Ideally the system would have the following specs:

    - integrate into the vehicle's video system (ie display the TV tuner and also output to the car's Aux input for the MMI screen)
    - iPod integration (perhaps 2, one for each screen) with the iPods out of the way somewhere
    - HD screen that has little/no video degradation from iPod video and displays correct video aspect

    Anyone on here have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  2. gen.heinz guderian

    gen.heinz guderian Well-Known Member

    Cant help with your problem,but you may get more info/help in the i.c.e section , In-Car Entertainment
  3. paul_45

    paul_45 New Member

    Thanks, I'll post on there.

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