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Q5 - blurred review view mirror

funkycat Jul 15, 2014

  1. funkycat

    funkycat Member

    Anyone else getting this?

    I have a MY14 S-Line Plus, 2.0tdi, S-Tronic, at c2k rpm, 70-80mph, everything in the rear view mirror is blur, even seems to do as you accelerate up through the gears. Been in and had a new windscreen and mirror fitted under warranty, and while in for the day the dealer put me a spanking SQ5, very nice. Now, the SQ5 did not suffer from the same blurring ailment as my S-Line.

    Arranging for it to go in again now, for me it must be mechanical, something around the gear box, resonating a vibration up through the car into windscreen and into mirror. I've had 3 x B8 A4 before this Q5, and none of them suffered from this.

    Anyone else getting this or is it just me?

    Interested to here from other Q5 owners.
  2. anme

    anme New Member

    Never heard of this problem. There are many other problems though like megatronic unit failure, clutch failures at 50K kms......Audi in general the quality is ****......I have owned three now always problems in general really would think twice before buying another one not reliable called the dealer and customer care keep passing the buck on and never accept manufacturing defects or shall I say low grade quality cars with cheap parts. In general my experience with BMW is the best much more reliable and durable in terms of performance as well. I just got a call from the dealer nice of them to take off 1000 quid so I will have to pay 1300 quid in total for a total cost of 5133 quid..Thumbs of for the dealer great service but Audi as a company **** is the only word I can come up with..............

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